2015 key indicators

1,518 mn TOE 5.2%
Proven hydrocarbon reserves Excluding NIS a.d. Novi Sad. (PRMS-SPE), mn TOE
Source: Company data
79.70 mn TOE 20.3%
Production of marketable hydrocarbons by gazprom neft, mn TOE
Source: Company data
43.07 mn t 0.9%
Oil refining, mn t
Source: Company data
RUB 1,656 bn 2.1%
Sales, RUB bn
Source: Company data

Value of Gazprom neft PJSC shares on micex, rub

Source: MICEX
RUB 109.7 bn 10.2%
Profit attributable to Gazprom neft PJSC shareholders, rub bn
Source: Company data
2.80 mn t 1.4%
Premium sales of jet fuel1, mn t
Source: Company data
3.92 mn t 6.7%
Premium sales of marine fuel1, mn t
Source: Company data
0.06 mn t 50.0%
Premium sales of bitumen1, mn t
Source: Company data
0.23 mn t 21.1%
Premium sales of oils and lubricants1, mn t
Source: Company data
RUB 405 bn 18.2%

Adjusted ebitda, rub bn
Source: Company data
RUB 285 bn 0.4%
Net cash generated from operating activities, rub bn
Source: Company data
1 Premium sales include:
— Sales of petroleum products through premium sales channels — retail and wholesale.
This group includes all sales of petroleum products via petrol stations and petroleum storage depots, for aircraft and vessels and small-scale wholesale from refuelling facilities at airports and port terminals.
— Sales of packaged petroleum products.
This group includes all oil sales in barrels and canisters as well as bitumen sales in clovertainers, etc.
— Sales of premium petroleum products, i.e. petroleum products that generate added value due to the presence of certain qualitative features compared with other products of their kind.
This group includes the sale of premium bulk lubricants (Gazpromneft, G-Family, Texaco), premium bituminous materials (polymer-bitumen binders, PMB, bituminous emulsions, etc.) and the possible wholesale of premium motor fuels — G-Drive, etc.

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