Oil refining at joint venture oil refineries

In addition to its own oil refineries, Gazprom Neft has access to the refining facilities of OJSC Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez (YANOS) and Mozyr Oil Refinery in the Republic of Belarus.

Oil refining results at joint oil refineries in 2015

Milestones of 2015
  • selection of a general contractor for a project to build a plant to produce 3 groups of oils and start of the construction stage;
  • major repairs conducted on the processing chain of the Electric Desalting Crude Distillation Unit-4 to improve the reliability and environmental friendliness of this chain;
  • completed construction on a fuel oil and diesel fuel loading rack.
Milestones of 2015
  • construction of a C4 fraction absorption treatment plant and a diesel fuel receiving, storage and shipment yard.