Oil refining assets

Oil refining results at company oil refineries in 2015

Omsk oil refinery
Milestones of 2015
  • the refining of stable gas condensate (SGC) reached 1.36 million tonnes compared with 0.51 million tonnes in 2014 as part of a programme to increase the use of SGC in refining;
  • the production of Class 5 motor fuel expanded to 10.36 million tonnes in 2015;
  • micro-spherical zeolite-containing biceolyte catalyst production and Euro-5 diesel fuel were granted a gold diploma in the 100 Best Russian Products contest;
  • completed reconstruction of the AT-9 crude oil refining complex;
  • completed large-scale reconstruction of the KT-1/1 residue deep conversion unit.
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Moscow oil refinery
Milestones of 2015
  • commissioning of the modern GFP-2 gas fractionation plant, which expanded the plant’s range of products and reduced emissions of harmful substances;
  • continued reconstruction of the Crude and Vacuum Distillation Unit Complex-6 as part of the modernisation of the Moscow Oil Refinery;
  • start of construction on the Biosphera biological treatment facilities.
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Moscow refinery is recognized as one of the leaders in a field of ecological modernization

Milestones of 2015
  • commissioning of a diesel fuel dewaxing plant to improve the low temperature properties of diesel fuel;
  • concept drafted for ‘advanced refining’ with a basic design completed;
  • planned major repairs of bitumen plant;
  • major repairs of catalytic cracking complex and sulphuric acid regeneration unit;
  • pumps rebuilt on atmospheric vacuum distillation unit;
  • optimisation of the operating mode of the atmospheric vacuum distillation unit to improve the output of light petroleum products.