Oil refining

Gazprom Neft has been implementing ambitious programmes to modernise its production facilities since 2009. These programmes not only enhance the quality of the Company’s products, but also improve the environmental performance of motor fuel and minimise the environmental impact of its plants.

Thanks to the modernisation programmes carried out by the Company’s oil refineries in Russia and the optimisation of its product mix, the entire range of high-octane petrol and diesel fuel manufactured by Gazprom Neft complied with Euro-5 emission standards in 2015.

Key priorities
Key Gazprom Neft priorities when manufacturing petroleum products:
  • improving crude oil refining efficiency;
  • improving the environmental performance of different types of fuel;
  • meeting the demands of the domestic market;
  • safe production and environmental protection.
Gazprom Neft oil refining by oil refinery, mn t
Source: Company data
Gazprom Neft petroleum products production structure, mn t
Source: Company data