Russian projects

Novy port
Milestones of 2015
  • first winter oil shipment by tanker fleet, marking the first time raw materials were transported from a field by sea during winter and shipped to European consumers;
  • winter and summer oil shipments with 293,000 tonnes exported in 2015;
  • exemption granted on customs duty;
  • completed installation of the Gates of the Arctic offshore offloading terminal;
  • keels installed on icebreaking supply vessels that will operate in the Gulf of Ob.
Plans for 2016
  • launch of the Gates of the Arctic offshore offloading terminal;
  • use of new technologies as part of a hydraulic fracturing programme;
  • start of full-scale production and oil shipments.
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Gazprom Neft started shipment of the Yamal oil via the Gates of the Arctic terminal

Milestones of 2015
  • preparation of 71 km of an oil delivery pipeline for construction and installation of gas turbine power plant units;
  • fulfilment of a geological exploration programme and a solution found for well development options;
  • horizontal well drilling time reduced by 30%;
  • completion of a three-year pilot section research programme and updating of pre-requisites for field development;
  • start of advance drilling on production wells to commence the full-scale development of the East Messoyakha field.
Plans for 2016
  • obtaining a customs duty exemption;
  • construction and installation of basic infrastructure;
  • supplying the first batch of oil to the trunk oil pipeline system.
Milestones of 2015
  • millionth tonne of ARCO oil blend produced;
  • 12 tankers dispatched in 2015;
  • approval of addendum to initial field development plan;
  • completed drilling on 4 wells (1 production, 2 injection and 1 slurry well);
  • first and second phases of shift camp initiated.
Plans for 2016
  • completion of the well construction programme (opening of 1 injection and 3 production wells) for a more than two-fold increase in oil production;
  • Implementation of a programme to phase out imports of foreign equipment for offshore ice-resistant fixed platforms.
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Documental film “Prirazlomnaya. No margin for error”

Milestones of 2015
  • testing of drilling technology and completion of multilateral wells;
  • completion of 3D seismic surveys for an area of 800 km2.
Plans for 2016
  • obtaining a customs duty exemption;
  • supply of the first batch of oil to the trunk oil pipeline system planned for Q4 2016;
  • interpretation and processing of 2D and 3D materials from 2014/2015 field season data.
Milestones of 2015
  • start of the commercial operation of a complex gas treatment plant and condensate de-ethanizer plant at the Yaro-Yakhinskoye oil and gas condensate field;
  • the Yaro-Yakhinskoye oil and gas condensate field reached its projected production level.
Plans for 2016
  • supply of natural gas from fields to the Unified Gas Supply System;
  • development of oil rims with connection to the Zapolyarye-Purpe oil pipeline under construction.
Milestones of 2015
  • completed 3D field seismic surveys on an area of 940 km2 at the Ignyalinsky, Vakunaysky and Tympuchikansky license areas;
  • completed well workovers with hydraulic fracturing at three wells and proved effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing on terrigenous and carbonate reservoirs;
  • completed drilling on 4 exploration wells.
Plans for 2016
  • confirmation of the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing based on well workovers and hydraulic fracturing at 2 existing wells;
  • drilling of 1 horizontal well at the project (partial elimination of uncertainties concerning development).
Milestones of 2015
  • updating of the geological model for the Dolginskoye field;
  • development of a comprehensive seismic model of the field;
  • license addendums and updates to license validity (until 2035) and construction period of next exploration well (2019).
Plans for 2016
  • 3D seismic survey modelling for the subsequent processing of an area covering 1,600 km2 using the wide azimuth method;
  • search for a partner to jointly implement the project.