International projects

Milestones of 2015
  • start of cost oil shipments at the project;
  • millionth tonne of oil produced;
  • completed drilling and development of three wells and increased average daily production 150% to 45,000 barrels/day;
  • commissioning of the second petroleum stage of the Central Gathering Facility;
  • final field development plan approved by Iraq.
Plans for 2016
  • commissioning of the third petroleum stage and priority infrastructure buildings of the Central Gathering Facility;
  • commissioning of 4 wells.
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Badra is Gazprom Neft’s international production project

40 %  Garmian;  80 %  Shakal;  80 %  Halabja   Stake of Gazprom Neft
Milestones of 2015
  • launch of production at the Sarkala field (Garmian Block);
  • 2D field seismic surveys conducted at the Halabja Block (863 running km);
  • 3D field seismic surveys conducted at the Shakal Block (100 km2);
  • plan coordinated with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Western Zagros for transferring operatorship of the Garmian Block.
Plans for 2016
  • completion of the process of transferring operatorship from Western Zagros for the Garmian Block;
  • completion of a range of geological exploration work at the Shakal Block;
  • interpretation of data from the 2D seismic survey conducted at the Halabja Block in 2015;
  • comprehensive geological assessment of the Halabja Block.