Mechanisms of interaction with investors

Disclosure of information about the company’s operations

Gazprom Neft aims to promptly and regularly convey information about its operations to all those interested in receiving it to the extent necessary for them to make an informed decision about participation in the Company or other actions that are capable of affecting the Company’s financial and business operations.

Gazprom Neft maintains a special web page with answers to FAQs from shareholders and investors, a regularly updated calendar of corporate events, dividend history, key performance indicators and other useful information for shareholders and investors. Gazprom Neft organises regular presentations and meetings for members of the Company’s executive bodies and other key senior officials with investors and analysts, including meetings related to the disclosure (publication) of the Company’s accounting (financial) statements or related to the Company’s core investment projects and strategic development plans.

Gazprom Neft executive bodies handle the implementation of the information policy for the Company. The Company’s Board of Directors monitors compliance with the information policy.

The Company attaches great important to cooperation with current and potential shareholders. The level of information disclosure for Gazprom Neft shareholders and investors has expanded significantly in recent times, as evidenced by a number of studies by independent agencies concerning investor relations as well as awards conferred upon the Company for this area of its activities.

The Company regularly holds conference calls for investors involving Company executives. In addition, Gazprom Neft on a quarterly basis publishes the ‘Executive Analysis of the Company’s Financial Condition and Operations’ — an appendix to the financial statement of Gazprom neft PJSC prepared in accordance with IFRS.

Number of conference call participants, persons
Source: Company data

The Databook and Datafeed statistical reference guides are also published for a detailed analysis of the Company’s operations.

In order to provide the most complete level of awareness, Gazprom Neft regularly holds meetings with investors and shareholders and takes part in all major conferences of investment and brokerage organisations.

The Company holds the annual ‘Investor’s Day’ event each year involving senior Gazprom Neft executives at which analysts and investors from investment companies can get first-hand answers to all of their questions.

Gazprom Neft regularly shows off its own production assets to investors and analysts by organising onsite meetings at production and extraction sites. In 2015, Gazprom Neft shareholders and investors visited the Company’s bunkering terminal at the Novorossiysk port.

In 2015, the Company was honoured with several awards in investor relations.

Gazprom Neft became the first Russian company to win at the IR Society’s Best Practice Awards, a prestigious UK-based contest for the best annual reports. The Company’s interactive annual report placed first in the ‘Best Digital Reporting International’ category and also won bronze at the ARC Awards (Academy Awards of Annual Reports).

Gazprom Neft won top prizes at the Moscow Exchange’s annual report contest for ‘Best Presentation of a Company’s Strategy and Investment Appeal in an Annual Report’ and ‘Best Information Disclosure on a Corporate Website’. In addition, the Company’s annual report won a prize in the ‘Best Interactive Report’ category, while its sustainable development report won the ‘Best Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report’ category.