Industrial and occupational safety

Gazprom Neft programmes that aim to enhance industrial safety levels and improve working and occupational safety conditions include the following features:

  • emergency management;
  • monitoring compliance with occupational safety requirements;
  • expert evaluations of industrial safety equipment and ensuring production facilities comply with the requirements of industrial safety standards and rules;
  • modernisation of emergency shutdown systems;
  • organisation of occupational health and safety for employees;
  • provision of safe working conditions and establishing workplaces that comply with government and corporate standards in this regard;
  • provision of employees with personal protective gear;
  • comprehensive training of the Company’s employees in industrial, environmental and occupational safety.

In the event of an incident, Gazprom Neft conducts an investigation and drafts and implements an action plan to minimise the risk of the incident ever reoccurring. Preventive measures are carried out in accordance with the plans at all the Company’s subsidiaries. In order to ensure civil protection, Gazprom Neft improves the operational stability of production facilities in the event of emergencies and trains employees on the actions to take in such situations, including in difficult climatic conditions.

Spending on industrial, environmental and occupational safety measures totalled more than RUB 10,974 million in 2015 (excluding joint and foreign assets). The Company invested more than RUB 45,231 million in safety in 2013–2015.

The work performed in 2015 resulted in a reduction in the number of incidents at the Company’s production facilities and the further decline of the Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF).

Number of incidents at hazardous production facilities, incidents
Source: Company data
Number of people injured in accidents at work, people
Source: Company data
Source: Company data