Industrial, environmental and occupational safety

Improving occupational safety levels and reducing the risk of negative effects on the environment are strategic goals for the Company. Gazprom Neft is committed to becoming one of the leading global oil companies in terms of industrial, environmental and occupational safety and continuously works to improve its activities in these areas.

All Gazprom Neft enterprises are certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004

Gazprom Neft is guided in its work by the requirements of Russian legislation as well as international and corporate standards in industrial, environmental and occupational safety. All the Company’s enterprises have a management system in matters of industrial, environmental and occupational safety that complies with the international standards OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004. Gazprom Neft regularly carries out industrial environmental control, monitors environmental components, conducts audits of industrial, environmental and occupational safety management systems at subsidiaries and evaluates the activities of its enterprises based on key areas of work in this regard.

Gazprom Neft’s safety culture is based on the personal responsibility of each employee and the involvement of all Company employees and representatives of contractor organisations in the process of enhancing safety levels. When selecting counterparties, one of the basic selection criteria is their compliance with corporate standards in industrial, environmental and occupational safety. Gazprom Neft ensures contractors comply with the Company’s requirements in these matters by concluding the relevant agreements as part of contracts, establishing key performance indicators, monitoring their activities and conducting an analysis of their work efficiency in industrial, environmental and occupational safety based on which the contracts are extended.

Gazprom Neft interacts with a wide range of concerned parties on matters concerning industrial safety and environmental protection. When developing new projects, the Company holds public hearings at which it informs concerned parties about its planned activities. In 2015, public hearings were held and public approval was secured for 43 projects of Gazprom Neft.

Project to improve occupational safety culture

In 2015, the Company launched a project to improve occupational safety culture. The Gazprom Neft Management Board identified the key goal in industrial safety and environmental protection: ‘Goal — Zero: No Harm to People, Objects or the Environment’. This vision is based on the belief that each accident or injury can be prevented. In order to achieve the ‘Goal — Zero’, Gazprom Neft will focus on five priority areas to ensure safety: leadership and occupational safety culture, management of industrial, environmental and occupational safety risks, the technological reliability of assets, the management of contractors and transport security. For each area, a Gazprom Neft manager has undertaken a personal commitment to improve the level of safety at the Company.