Logistics, processing and sales unit

Specific energy consumption at enterprises of the logistics, processing and sales unit, kgoe/t
Source: Company data
Overall energy consumption by the logistics, processing and sales unit
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Change, %
Purchased electricity(minus electricity transferred to third parties), GWh 2,998 3,121 3,322 3,263 3,341 2.4
Purchased electricity (minus electricity transferred to third parties), RUB mn 5,764.67 5,768.32 6,883.46 6,831.58 7,335.72 7.4
Purchased thermal energy (minus electricity transferred to third parties), GJ 16,308,921 16,854,981 17,373,245 16,581,709 16,081,895 —3.0
Purchased thermal energy (minus electricity transferred to third parties), RUB mn 2,881.65 3,139.58 3,561.40 3,693.30 3,675.15 —0.5

Key energy efficiency measures performed by the Unit in 2015:

  • introduction of motor drive frequency regulation systems;
  • modernisation of lighting systems;
  • introduction of energy efficient equipment and devices;
  • replacement of boilers;
  • compliance of furnaces with requirements of existing regulatory and technical documentation;
  • reconstruction of the brickwork (lining) of boilers and furnaces with modern insulation materials;
  • recovery and utilisation of heat flows;
  • reconstruction of condensate collection and return systems;
  • modernisation of heating systems;
  • modernisation of forced air compressor equipment and air dehumidification systems;
  • optimisation of furnace burning modes in order to reduce fuel consumption.

Energy costs decreased by RUB 937 million as a result of the measures to improve energy efficiency. The amount of heat, electricity and fuel saved totalled 3,973.9 TJ. Growth in energy intensity related to the introduction of new technological units slowed by 1.5%.

In 2015, the Logistics, Processing and Sales Unit approved a comprehensive programme to improve the reliability of power supplies to oil refining enterprises in 2016-2018. The programme aims to reduce the amount and duration of unplanned downtime of oil refinery technological units resulting from the disruption of power supplies and the failure of energy equipment.